Why do I need a VPN and/or an Encrypted Mail?

There are several reasons to use these safe tools. Among them, maybe the most important is to protect the privacy of your online activities and your rights on the Internet against the invasions, increasingly common, from different entities and persons. But is not the only one, have a look to the list to know more:

  • In order to use P2P applications.
  • To access sites blocked in your zone.
  • When you want to watch streaming video privately.
  • To perform confidential videoconferencing.
  • When you wish to access contents (social media, other sites) restricted by ISPs or blocking connection policies, for instance from your office at work or when you are abroad.
  • To download contents in a private way.
  • If you wish to protect the privacy of your family when they are online surfing.
  • If you wish to ensure the privacy in your business or professional activity.
  • In order to protect your online activity from invasions of your privacy by hackers, spies, governments,...
  • To protect your messages from third party interception
  • To avoid any person or entity accessing to your mailbox to be able to read the messages or attached files
  • To ensure confidentiality in your professional and personal communication
  • To sign your messages and validate that the sender and recipient are the right people
  • To prevent impersonation

Still not convinced?

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