We show here a general explanation about how Encrypted Mail works. So, we will avoid deep technical details:

  • The user access the ByeSpies webmail tool and write a mail as usually
  • Before sending the mail, the user chooses to encrypt it
  • The ByeSpies server encrypts the mail with a high level of encryption
  • An encrypted copy of the mail is stored in the Sent Mail folder. So, only the user can decrypt it. If an intruder access this folder and open the mail, then he will only see a nonsense set of characters
  • After, the encrypted mail is sent to recipient. If anyone intercept this mail along, he will see again a nonsense.
  • The mail reaches the recipient and is stored inside his inbox. Here, the mail remains encrypted, and only the recipient can decrypt it. So an intruder cannot read this mail, even though he can access the inbox.

Public and Private Keys

  • In order to encrypt a mail, the sender must have the Public Key of the recipient. Usually, the sender has a list of public keys of his contacts. All these keys have been previously sent to the user from their contacts by any means, typically a previous standard unencrypted email.
  • The mail is encrypted with the recipient public key. This means that only the recipient's Private Key can decrypt it.
  • If an intruder gets the mail, and tries to decrypt it with any other key, he will see nonsense..