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Encrypted Mail: $3.00/month

Pack VPN+Mail: $4.40/month

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Register with just an e-mail. No personal data or credit card required.

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Validate the account from your e-mail and choose your Password. The Trial starts at this moment.

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Take configuration data included in your Dashboard and configure service as explained in Support.

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Enjoy Byespies VPN/Encrypted Mail. Nothing is charged unless you confirm the subscription. Confirmation can be made before or after trial's expiration.

Free to choose: Multiple Locations & Protocols


Your emails travel and are stored encrypted. No one can see them

Point-to-Point TLS Encrytpion

PGP/OpenPGP Encryption
PGP enabled Webmail

Responsive DesignEasy to use

Enjoy ByeSpies advantages:

Enjoy the Advantages of a Payment VPN

High speed and unlimited traffic. Privacy, reliability and anonymity. Support guaranteed. Working in any device and Operating System.

Encrypted Mail with the highest security level

Fully protect the privacy of your email correspondence with our PGP encrypted mail service. No software installation needed, just use our Webmail: fast, secure, easy to use, and responsive designed.

It is not necessary to install any application

More transparency: Our VPN is configured directly in your Operating System. No installation of strange programs with unknown side-effects. Better connectivity.

For Any OS and Any Device

ByeSpies VPN can be configured in Windows, MacOS, Android, iOs and Linux.
Works on any PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Mac Computer, iPad or iPhone.

Access to your Favorite Sites from Everywhere

Can not access social media or other sites at your office?. Do you have some blocked sites in your zone?. Do you want to watch video privately?. Now you can have it all.

Online Surfing Without Leaving Traces

No User logs are stored. Nobody will ever know what you are surfing, your downloads or P2P connections, the videos you watch, your DNS querys...