VPN related FAQs

With the VPN, can anyone see what I am doing online?

Once connected to the VPN server, no one can see what a user is doing online. All information is encrypted and its activity is done anonymously and privately.

Can I connect to Facebook or Twitter from my workplace?

In most offices, traffic to various online contents is restricted by policy. In this case, the encrypted traffic traveling to and from the VPN server can not be blocked, and the user can access all content from your office, even if they are restricted.

Do I need to download or install any application to make ByeSpies VPN work?

No. This is one of the most important advantages of ByeSpies VPN: It is natively supported by your devices. We believe that installing programs with unknown side-effects is not the best idea for privacy and security, even if they are presented as great tools. So we worked hard to make ByeSpies free of extra installations.

Can I use P2P in a private manner with ByeSpies VPN?

Sure. Remember that all your activities are kept private and anonymous as long as you are connected to ByeSpies. P2P included.

Some webpages or sites are blocked in my zone/ building/ workplace. Can I access them with ByeSpies VPN?

Yes. No one can know what is what you are surfing online and thus, can not block your access to certain contents.

Without ByeSpies VPN, are my online daily activities tracked by anyone?

Sure they are. Check out our Why? section to get some examples, but there are much more. Your online activities are precious and tracked by many agents, with not clean purposes. For instance, any page you visit, any image or video you watch, leave a trace in a place called DNS, owned by your ISP. When using ByeSpies no one will have a clue of your activity, including your DNS queries.

I am already using browser "Private Mode". Do I need ByeSpies VPN?

Yes you do. Private mode in browsers is just a wrong name for something that is not so private (check out this nice post from DuckDuckGo). The only thing that private mode does when active, is not registering the pages you are visiting in the local history of the browser. So it gives you no protection from people or companies outside, spying or monitoring your Internet traffic. It does not provide you anonimity. ByeSpies does.

Encrypted Mail FAQs

Can anyone read my emails when they are non encrypted?

Of course. You need a high encryption level for your mails in orther to keep them secret. Otherwise, any email sent can be intercepted and read by third parts, as well as any unencrypted mail stored in your Inbox could be exposed to unwanted eyes.

If an intruder get access to my mailbox, can he read the messages and open the attached files?

Any received encrypted mail is stored encrypted in your Inbox. Any encrypted mail sent is stored in your Outbox encrypted as well. So, an intruder cannot read these messages and cannot open their attached files, because only you knows the private key to decrypt them.
However, if you have sent or received non encrypted mails, the intruder can open these messages and their attached files. So, be sure to encrypt all important mails.

A signed mail can be read by third parts?

Yes, if someone intercepts a signed mail can read it. The sign just validates that the sender is the right person, but does not ensure secrecy. It is better that you encrypt and sign your mails for safety.

Can I use my own mail client, such as Outlook or Thunderbird?

Yes you can, but is not recommended though. Our webmail is chosen to be very user friendly and functional. And it also simplyfies the process of encryption/decryption and the management of the keys. Using your own client forces you to have an extra encryption/decryption tool, and to store your keys locally in your computer, and demands more user skills. Whether it is or not your desired scenario is up to you.